Yes, as a matter of fact, I am being judgemental.

Normally I do my best to get along with and be at least semi social with just about anyone.  And even those that I may get bad vibes from as a first impression I try to give them a chance to prove me wrong, or present more solid evidence to confirm my impression of them.

Yet every once in a while I come across someone who I very quickly write off as being unworthy to even acknowledge their existence upon this planet, let alone tolerate in my presence.  Generally the blatantly and purposely ignorant that loudly and proudly profess their lack of brain cells fall into this category.

Like the current boyfriend/on-call booty call of my daughter Panda Bear.

I encountered him at her apartment as I was taking home one of the grandkids.  At first I mistook him for her ex-hubby, because he did vaguely resemble him in the poor lighting.  Whom I can tolerate and have civilized conversation with, when he’s keeping himself clean and has his head on semi straight.

Then the guy opened his mouth.  It took all of ten seconds for me to mentally discard him into the hopelessly unworthy category.

Listening to a white guy talk like ghetto thug trash (not being racist, just blunt) is one of those triggers that makes me wonder why they’re sharing air with the rest of the human race.  It grates on my nerves and patience, and actually makes my brain cells feel dirty just for being in the same room, let alone within eyesight, of such a person.

I now feel like seeking out the ex-hubby (who’s not exactly a ball of fire in the brains department either) and apologizing to him for mistaking that low-IQ, low life loser for him.

Unfortunately Panda Bear really knows how to pick ‘em.  What’s really disturbing is the fact that my grandkids have to be exposed to this kind of trash.  Gah.

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5 thoughts on “Yes, as a matter of fact, I am being judgemental.

  1. Dave I am right there with you. There are those people that I cannot even be friends with people who are able to tolerate them. I feel like I need to go boil myself after spending any time with them.

    • And the sad part is that I live and work smack in the middle of redneck heaven. And 99% of them I consider perfectly respectable and have no issues with. But this cretin reminds me of the slime that collects at the bottom of your garbage can when the liners leak. He sullies even the redneck culture.

  2. I am sorry you have that in your life, and that your grandkids have to deal with that. When my Emily moved away to Georgia, she told me she was stuck in a level of idiot redneck hell she did not know had existed. And she moved down there to be with her proud but decent redneck fiance! At least you know that the grandkids have your influence as well.

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