Working decisions

Got a little dilemma with my job right now.

I’m still working with them through the temp agency.  In two more weeks I will have the option of being hired full time by them and put on their payroll.  After 30 more days I will have completed my full probationary period and will be eligible for a pay raise and benefits.  Sound good?

Not so fast.

The job itself isn’t too bad, though it’s dirty and I work in a non-climate controlled environment (cold right now, which I can deal with, but summer heat may be an issue).  And I have no problems with the people.

The work schedule, though, is going to be a problem.

Right now they’re working everybody seven days a week.  Saturday and Sunday.  Some people even have to do ten hour days.  And from the looks of the overtime schedule, they schedule virtually everybody mandatory week after week.  Meaning, unless they take vacation the prior Friday or preceding Monday, it’s not uncommon for some to work twenty or more days in a row without a day off.

I can deal with working six days a week (for a while).  I can deal with ten hour days.  I can even deal with twelve hour days, in limited doses.

But working several weeks without a day off?  And having to work Sundays more often than once in a blue moon, especially now that I have a critical church leadership calling that very much needs my presence and participation, and that many depend on me to fulfill?

I don’t think so.

Trouble is, of course, is that I need the money.  My family needs the money.  But not bad enough to completely take me out of the picture for weeks on end.

So here are my choices:

-  Suck it up and deal with it.
Not a likely choice, because I know I’ll be unhappy with both my job and my life.  And if I’m in that state of mind, I’m no good to myself or anybody around me.  And eventually my work performance and attitude will suffer to the point where I’ll get myself fired. Lose-lose.

-  Tell the temp agency that I want something else.
Better.  I could even be a professional temp, and have the flexibility to work the hours that I want, and try out different jobs.  Except there’s no guarantee that they, or any other temp agency, will be able to find me something that will pay me enough and give me the days/hours I need.  And usually there’s a lag of a couple days or more before they do find me something suitable.  Time that I can’t afford to not be paid for right now.  But worth considering.

-  See if they’ll continue to keep me on at the present job for a little while longer as a temp.
Worth trying.  I could stipulate that I not work Sundays, and they get to keep me as long as they need me, or until they don’t, or I decide to move along myself.  And they don’t have to worry about paying me benefits.  Of course there’s no guarantee that they’d go for it at all, which worst case scenario would put me back at the previous option.

So honestly, to my readers, am I being a prima donna?  I want to work and I need to work, and I can do or learn just about anything.  But I’m not willing to sacrifice myself completely for an indefinite period of time, and miss out on things that mean very much to me.  Like I’ve said before, I’ll work to live, but I won’t live to work.


UPDATE:  After further review, I’ve decided to stick around a little longer and suck it up, at least through the holidays, and look at my situation and options again after the new year.  I’ll still fight having to work too many Sundays and too many days in a row, but I do really need the money now.  Besides, they’re showing signs of slowing down for the holidays.

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7 thoughts on “Working decisions

  1. If you had no other options, seven days a week might look doable… but really, who can perform at that level for long?

    Thankfully, you do have the freedom of options and if it were me, I’d exercise them. Do what is best for you and your family… as you always do. ;)

    • I wouldn’t go as far as to say I have no other options, but I have to exercise them judiciously because I won’t be eligible to collect unemployment for awhile due to some fun and games with them a couple months ago over a supposedly turned down job offer (I won’t get into that right now). I have to make sure that money keeps coming in somewhere, somehow on a regular basis, and right now I have no other sources other than what I can earn working somewhere.

  2. Dave if you need to do it then do it. I would not do anything until you already have something else lined up. You are miserable with a shitty job, and your miserable with no job. As long as you are going to be miserable, than you might as well do the one that pays the bills

  3. Will the employer consider a six day schedule? Usually some exception is made for religious observance, particularly if you are an asset when you are there. Might be worth the suggestion in the right ear. Not everyone needs Sunday off, but having the flexibility to have one day off a week would seem to me a fair and reasonble compromise. Might even reduce turnover. I love makin’ me some money, but focus and productivity fall off under that kind of onerous workload.

    • Agreed! I don’t understand how they think working someone for weeks on end maximizes production. Yet a lot of factories and production jobs have the kind of management that cares little about the employees (only parts in a machine) and everything about their numbers. I can only hope someday when the union renegotiates it’s contract, they put a clause in mandating either a day off after so many days worked, or no more than one or two Sundays a month worked.

      Thank you for stopping by.

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