A productive day

If anybody’s been keeping up with my blog the past few posts, they will know that I am at present unemployed.  Worse yet, there is virtually no source of cash coming in right now, save for a teeny bit my wife gets for watching a friend’s baby while they work (and very little for this week since said friend will be off for holidays), and a very modest amount sitting in our bank account right now.  Savings?  Cue some Tom Hanks laughter for that one.  And I can’t collect unemployment because I found out the hard way a few months ago that turning down a temp assignment, even if it was well below your acceptable rate of pay and well beyond a reasonable commuting distance, would disqualify you from benefits until you worked another job long enough to get unemployment benefits from them.

But instead of despair, I’m feeling blessed.

Yes Dear and I haven’t slept very well the previous few days, mostly due to the combination of the suddenly chilly weather, a poorly insulated and drafty house, and multiple issues on our minds (a few I’ve shared here recently).  So we’re both somewhat sleep deprived and it was difficult for us to get in gear this busy morning, particularly with the suddenly cold and nasty weather.

Yet today turned into a remarkably productive day.  Late last week I was invited to stop by one of the temp agencies in town this morning and fill out an application for a temp-to-perm position doing something much different from my usual lines of work, but something I was at least partially qualified for.  Afterwards I went by the unemployment/workforce office to see if they might have anything and lo and behold, I found three positions that I would be qualified for.  They sent my resume to one, told me to report to another one to fill out an application Wednesday morning, and gave me an application to fill out for a third to be turned in to the employer.

In the meantime I signed up with two other temp agencies and told them that, for now, I would work any temporary assignment they had at any wage, because I’m at the point that money is money.  I was told there was a reasonable expectation of something later in the week, particularly around Black Friday while everyone else was off and engaging in extreme consumerism.

Later this afternoon I got a call from the first temp agency I visited this morning, where I filled out my first application, and was asked if I could interview with them at 4:15 today.  No problem.

And even though I don’t really have the one key skill that would’ve likely locked the job for me, I’m confident that I sold them very well on my numerous other transferable skills and willingness to train and learn.  Being initially contracted as a temp, I asked to be given the training and opportunity to demonstrate my hard and soft skills with them, and be evaluated as to whether or not I was worth keeping.  Yes, I know they all do this anyway, but I think they were impressed with how forthright I was with them.  Because even though the pay is considerably lower than what I was making before, I have an opportunity here that I may be hard pressed to find again – a career change from the factory and production work I’ve been doing so long, and learning a new and very marketable skill that could potentially turn into a fairly well-paying career down the road.

Now I’m under no illusions here.  First of all, I’m likely jinxing myself by posting this, but it’s okay.  They’re still interviewing and won’t make a decision for at least a week or two, and the first person that walks in their door with the one critical skill I lack and is willing to accept their wage is going to get the job first, no doubt.  Truth be told, I’m likely a longshot for this job.  But the fact that I was able to actively sell myself and invoke genuine interest from them for something I’m likely not as qualified for as others, has given me a boost of confidence.  Something which I often tend to lack.  And that boost, even if it doesn’t go anywhere here, is keeping my spirits up and comforting me with the realization that one, this state of unemployment is in all likelihood going to end soon, and two, that I have the faith and ability within me to make good things happen when they need to.  That I can do it, whatever “it” may turn out to be.  Yes, I can.

And to me, right now, that’s more important than anything else.

Oh, a little sidenote – Yes Dear landed something seasonal today as well, possibly starting before Thanksgiving.  Nothing with huge income either, but combined between the two of us we can bring home enough to make it work in time for the holidays.

So right now, I have three applications out there and one interview, with a better than random chance that one of them will turn into a job.  And Wednesday morning I’ll be adding a fourth to the mix.  I have one more app I’m holding on standby since it really doesn’t pay that much and I’m not enthusiastic about the type of work, but it may do as a Plan B if necessary.  Also, I got word from a couple of people that work there that one of the biggest employers in town is undergoing an expansion and will be hiring soon, something that I’d be very qualified for.  Odds are well in my favor that I’ll be working again somewhere within the next few weeks.

The floodgates of blessings seem to be opening, and just in time for the holidays.  I truly have a lot to be thankful for, here on the eve of Thanksgiving.

Now hopefully we both can get some restful sleep.

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4 thoughts on “A productive day

  1. I always approached any interview as an opportunity to practice interviewing.
    As someone who has also interviwed and hired, I know that a “critical skill” can be less valuable than other positive attributes.
    And learned.

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