3 thoughts on “CRAP!

  1. Because: if you had a job, you’d be without a ride to get to the job. And if breakdowns waited til we had the money for them, they’d have to wait forever. I hope I answered your question.

  2. If– a mighty big “if”– you ever do find out, how about letting me know? I could really use the information.
    A couple of years back, I was running on the thin edge of nothing. The economy was in the tank and I was doing only one or two short runs a week, so the old bank account was straining. Wouldn’t you just know it, the Sprinter blew the turbocharger 150 miles from home. This being a Mercedes engine, the nearest replacement was in Germany, would take three weeks to get here and cost slightly less than two months mortgage payment. Not to be out-done, the engine spun a bearing too. Big expense, and the old van just wasn’t worth it. So, I bought an even older van. But, at least it’s a Chevy so you can get parts. Ran me into the poorhouse for several months though.

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