Musical Interlude 12/17/2013

Yeah I know, I probably should be doing Christmas songs right now.  And probably by next week, I just may post one or two.

But I’m in a mood.  One of my early 80′s moods, back in my high school years.  Hanging with friends, and listening to the music of the time.  And I don’t mean the top 40 pop crap either, at least not with the people I hung out with (though I sometimes did at other times).

At the time, quite often the rock station of choice was the now-defunct KMET (anyone from SoCal remember them?)  Played a lot of classic rock before that particular term became it’s own genre, and a mix of newer stuff as well.  Oh yeah, and there was the Dr. Demento Show every Sunday night, anybody remember them?

Anyways, here’s a tune I remember well, one (and many like it) that was blasted from some friend’s factory Toyota or Honda radio and had me headbanging to many a friend’s dashboard.  A band that’s faded into the recesses of time from the turn of the decade from the 70′s to the 80′s.  But will always be remembered as some of my happier moments as a clueless, dumbass early teen that had yet to be sullied by the affairs of The Real World.

Lay It On The Line, by Triumph.  Enjoy, if you will.

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