Remember my posts about my friend Doug here and here?

I was pleased to find out someone else paid tribute to him.

Discovered an old friend on FB who also was a close friend of Doug’s, even longer than I had been.  We talked for a while and I got a few more details about Doug and the last few years before his death.  Though many of his issues persisted and his health slowly failed, it seems that he was able to find a little measure of peace before his passing. And my friend was kind enough to post a website in memory of Doug here.

And after looking it over and seeing his photo, I had to leave the room because my damn allergies started acting up.

I too miss my friend Doug.  Because he was one of the very few people who could see my dilemmas, understand them fully, and be able to reach in and add his own unique perspective that would often be exactly the right thing I would need to hear at the time.  Even if I didn’t want to.

I could sure use it now.  Because he would understand it perfectly.

Because he has before.

And I can’t tell you how glad I am that someone else remembered him too.

UPDATE 7/20/10: Submitted this post for San Diego Momma’s PROMPTuesday #115.

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