Short break, will be back with ya

Back in Arkansas now, will be starting the new job Monday.

Probably won’t hear much from me until latter part of the week or so, mainly because of work, but also because I need a new laptop cord.  It’s been going bad for a while now, but a week ago Stevie’s dog (Great Dane) went running across the living room and ripped it out of the wall.  Last night when I plugged it in the plug started shooting sparks.  So no laptop of mine until I get my last unemployment check Wednesday and can afford to find a cheap computer place around here that may have secondhand Dell laptop power cords.  May ask my SIL’s hubby where to look, if anybody would know of such a place he would.

Also will try to pay JJ a visit sometime today.  He was supposed to be a part of a church presentation but won’t be able to make it due to the fact he ended up in the hospital yesterday with breathing problems.  Don’t know if it’s a cold, bronchitis, or pneumonia, have to find out details in person.  Probably not serious, his house is full of hypochondriacs (himself included), but it’ll be a little while before I get out in his direction again, so I at least want to see if he’s doing okay.

And I miss my family, particularly Yes Dear, already.  I had such a good visit when I went home I wish it could always be like that.  Something about absence making the heart grow fonder, I guess.

List of things I forgot to bring: my pillow, blanket, broken glasses (can get frames fixed here), and scriptures.  Bummer, I could really use all of those.  Will either have to wait until my next trip at Christmas or ask to have them UPS’d.

Batteries starting to go in laptop.  Catch ya all later.

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