Musical Interlude 11/29/2009 (for a Sunday morning)

Hope everybody had a happy and filling Thanksgiving.  And hope there are enough leftovers, if you aren’t sick of them, to last a few more days.

Been battling a nasty cold which started Thursday evening, shortly after dinner.  My five-year old niece Bea brought it home from school and was kind enough to share, so I’ve been in a Nyquil-induced fugue state since Friday.   Getting better, hopefully will have the worst of it burned out by the time I return to work for the week.

My Musical Interlude for this morning will be more music than video, since there is really nothing to see other than the title and performer.  If I were to choose one song that I could cheerfully die listening to, it probably would be Stevie Ray Vaughan’s version of Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing”.  That tops my list of time-stops-the-volume-goes-up-and-the-world-goes-away tunes.  As well as the stated version I also have a not-too-shabby rendition by Robin Trower, with Davey Pattison on vocals.

But I think I found an even better version.  Done by Sting.

In Spanish.

Like I said, not much in the way of video.  But tell me if this isn’t a beautiful way to start off a Sunday morning.

Mariposa Libre, by Sting.  Enjoy, and be safe as your holiday weekend winds down.