Brain Dump 5/3/2011 (the sporadic internet access edition)

As you can tell from the title, I haven’t had much Internet access lately, at least, not enough to take advantage of any blogging time.  So here’s an update on Dave’s current events:

–  First of all, unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure y’all heard that BIN LADEN IS DEAD!!  (cue Kool & The Gang’s “Celebration)  Many thanks to the men and women of our armed forces and especially the US Navy SEALS that finally made this happen.  And blessings to all the victims and their families of that terrible day nearly ten years ago, that they may finally have some closure.

–  Managed to dodge the worst of the storms that’s taken such a toll on the south, but did watch a funnel cloud go past my previous workplace last week.  And until today, have dealt with nearly Biblical deluges of rain day and night.

–  Internet service due to be installed at new address tomorrow, but have yet to unpack router, so it may be a little longer before I have reliable Net access.  Unfortunately the unexpected monsoon the past week has kept us from transferring very much from storage into our home, so that’s slow going as well.

–  Adding to our unpacking woes is the fact that I managed to wrench my back Easter Sunday picking up AJ.  Toughed it out for three days at work before I went to an urgent care clinic (two days before I quit and my benefits expired) and got two shots in the back and a myriad of prescriptions that succeed in making me want to sleep all the time.  Doing somewhat better now, but it’s still painful staying in one position for any length of time.

–  I started orientation at the new job today.  Despite the fact that my BIL, sometimes referred to as the Reichmarschall, works there as well, I’m determined to stake out my own career and reputation there without the help or hindrance of anyone else, family or not.  Besides we won’t work in the same departments, or shifts, anyway.

–  Did I once mention the new job is only five minutes from the new place?  HUGE plus, considering the cost of gas right now.

–  As I feared, my SIL is driving Yes Dear crazy, thinking she’s a free taxi service for her and her family, and PBJ is a free babysitting service.  We’re not ungrateful that she’s put us up the past couple months, but the time has come where she has to manage her family and we have to manage ours.

–  Will try to stay in touch more as things settle and we get our net service.