I knew there was a reason I didn’t trust him…

Back before the last presidential election (the one that brought us the Big O-Hole), a lot of people were latching onto Ron Paul as a potential Presidential candidate.  While some of his ideas held water, I thought he was a bit too flaky around the edges to be a viable contender in such a crucial election.  In short, I didn’t fully trust him.

Now my lack of trust has been vindicated.

Ron Paul stated that he wouldn’t have ordered the Bin Laden mission.

Worst of all, he would’ve had him tried in civilian court.  Likely ours.

With that, he just failed my Ronald Reagan test big time.  With a resounding thud.  Or more like a splat.

I think the outcome of the raid was probably the best possible.  Though, as I did remark elsewhere, I would’ve loved to have Bin Laden’s body fed to starving wild hogs.  All videotaped, of course, for the viewing pleasure of all radical Muslim terrorists.

Face it – a live Bin Laden, tried in an American court under American constitutional law, would’ve been an utter nightmare that we can only begin to grasp at.  I can only imagine how the complexities of our legal system and lawyers, not to mention the press coverage, would make a complete mess out of any case against him.  Not to mention how compromised our national security would become as the methods by our intelligence agencies leading to his capture would have to be brought forth as evidence.

Bin Laden declared war on our country on September 11, 2001.  He has been an enemy combatant ever since, right up to the moment of his death.  The proper way, the ONLY way to deal with someone that makes war on your country is to make war on them right back.  Take the fight to them and kill them, or at least beat them so senseless that they completely lose the will, and the ability, to fight.  This is how we dealt with Nazi Germany and Hitler in 1945, who prudently took his own life rather than be killed or captured at the hands of the Russians.

Anyway, I digress.  Ron Paul has just confirmed to me that he is a total flake and no more fit to lead our country than our current President.

Sadly, the current crop of challengers aren’t a great deal better.  And I don’t care if Mitt Romney shares the same faith as I, I doubt he can generate enough enthusiasm to overcome Obama’s advantage as an incumbent, even though that may be his only advantage.

(via Instapundit)