I wish this guy would shut up.

Preacher says world will actually end in October.

Okay, it was fun the first time.  All the jokes, the “post-Rapture looting parties” spreading on Facebook, the bucket lists, the partying, etc.  Just another eccentric fool managing a cult full of brainwashed believers crying Chicken Little.  Been there, done that, burned the T-shirt.  The world is full of them.  Normally after their “predictions” don’t pan out, these kooks go crawl back under their rock of obscurity, and the world continues to live without them, at least until another one comes along.

But this guy just won’t quit.  And to tell you the truth, it’s getting quite annoying.  Not to mention the media giving him more publicity, at a time where there are plenty of more newsworthy stories, such as the 2012 POTUS race, the tornado devastation in Joplin, the continuing war on terror, etc.

So what’s him and his followers going to do on October 22 when the world keeps on going?

Do you really care?  I sure don’t.

For overstaying his dubious welcome, and continuing to beat a dead horse, I hereby award him with the not-so-coveted Chet award:


For that matter, I also award a Chet to the subject of the previous post, aka Baby Huey.

OK, enough bitching about the news today.