Oh, how I badly missed you.  Three months I went without seeing your lovely green eyes.  A part of me was seriously missing in your absence.  I went about life the best I could without you, but my heart ached for you.

I long awaited the day that we would be together again, that you’d brighten up my days and nights and make me feel whole again, and make our new place feel more like a home.

And finally, that day has come.

My router has been found!

No more trying to blog on my wife’s computer while she’s out, hoping against hope I can get one more thought typed out into cyberspace before the front door flies open and releases a torrent of children (nephews) that she’s been  watching for her sister into our living room.  No more frustration at having lost perfectly bloggable trains of thought permanently.  No more using Firefox’s private browsing mode so I don’t leave clues to my blog in her history.


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