Today’s gross news

Ever read something in the news that’s so disgusting you nearly go into convulsions while your “ick” meter goes tilt?

Well, this one did it for me.  A story about a woman drowning in a public pool and nobody noticed for two days.

You heard that right.  People continued to swim in the pool and nobody, not swimmers or lifeguards, noticed that there was something (someone) floating lifelessly in the pool.  Decomposing.

If I found out that I had been swimming in a pool with a decomposing body, I’d likely spend the next three days fully immersed in a bath full of jet fuel.

Something was said about the water being cloudy.  Well, if a public pool’s water is that cloudy, it needs to be shut down and cleaned or shock-treated.  Call that one a no-brainer.

Even bigger mystery: she apparently was swimming with a little kid and his family, went down a slide together and collided with each other, and never surfaced.

Didn’t the kid notice his adult swim partner missing?  Didn’t the parents?  Did ANYONE raise the question of where did this woman go?

Tragic.  And shocking, that nobody noticed anything was amiss.

And just… ewwwww.

5 thoughts on “Today’s gross news

  1. According to more recent news, the young boy did go and tell a lifeguard that the woman didn’t come up and the lifeguard told him that they’d do a check. The check was never done… just one of the many errors that lead to this.

    I am prone to getting water in my mouth as I am swimming and spend several hours each week in a pool. I am not sure if I would be out of my chlorine bleach bath in a psychiatric ward yet if I had been in the pool.

  2. It made me go into full on ick goose bumps and feel sorry for the woman. I also feel bad about the child who collided with her because he will blame himself for her death.

    However, that is one of the most disturbing things I have ever read. We have all swam in water, and as Brenda said, most of us get that water in our mouths. No matter how much chlorine was in the water, I would still feel dirty. I am pretty sure everyone that swam deserves free ice cream for a year and free anxiety medications.

    I don’t think I will ever be able to swim in water where I can’t see the bottom again.

  3. I am so traumatized by this. To reiterate the inevitable water in the mouth point, and add on my mentioning your skin absorbs water… water up your nose… in your eyes…

    I may never go into a public pool again.

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