My first introduction into the blogging world was somewhere back around 2004, when I  read a local newspaper article about blogging and bloggers in the area.  One of the bloggers mentioned happened to be a local, just a few miles across town from where I was, so I dropped in on his site to have a peek.  The very first post of his I came across had me literally on the floor in screaming laughter.  I probably spent the next month going through his archives, and links to other blogs as well.  Some I commented on, others I passed on by.  But I was hooked.  I had discovered a whole new online world.

At this point I was still a long way from taking the plunge and starting my own blog.  But I was gaining some confidence in my commenting, always trying to have something relevant to say other than the spammy “nice blog” crap.  At one point, I even got a chance to do a little guest blogging, where I related a humorous story about a boy crawling into one of those claw machines you find at arcades.

I also got wise to the etiquette of commenting and how private bloggers practice moderation of their comments.  I was happy to see that, unlike major news outlets where comments aren’t moderated or censored, that private bloggers were able and willing to take control of their commenting threads, weeding out spammers and trolls, and just making sure that people kept their discussions civilized and on track.  (I also found out hilariously what a troll edit was, as well.)

It was a few years more before I found the courage to start blogging myself, to see if anyone out there might find interest in my mundane writings and life.  I started out with no real goals, other than to share whatever struck my fancy (within reason) whenever I felt the urge to do so.  And I’ve pretty much followed that policy ever since.

Let me share with you (with permission, of course) that very first blog post that I read, the one that still makes my sides ache with laughter to this day.  This post was courtesy of Jim Peacock, formerly of Snoozebutton Dreams, a source of much of my early inspiration.  A handful of you out there may even remember his blog from a few years back.  Sadly his wife’s passing a few years back, and the challenges of work and being a single father to his three growing boys have pretty much removed him from the blogosphere.  But I’ve tried to convince him to leave an online archive of his writings, even if he don’t contribute to them anymore.  He did dig this one up just for me and allow me to post it.  Enjoy, and don’t choke on your coffee/Pepsi/food while reading.

And while you’re at it, care to share your beginnings or introductions into the blogging world?

Disclaimer: not safe for kids, old-fashioned grandparents, ministers, blah blah blah, or those prone to adverse health effects from laughing.  Read at your own risk.

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