Another PSA on gun safety

Just a little quick read here on why gun safety should never be taken for granted, and why one should always check the chamber of a firearm when handling it, even if they already did five minutes ago.

This guy, like me, tends to be OCD about checking chambers when picking up guns, and his post illustrates why we all should be.  And why you should NEVER load a firearm until you are actually ready to use it (or store it away for potential use, or on your person).

Somebody once told me that God punishes the careless by inserting a round into the chamber of an “unloaded” gun just to see if someone is checking.  I sometimes wonder if this isn’t true, from the countless times I’ve ejected a round from a semiauto that wasn’t supposed to be loaded.  And don’t forget an earlier post of mine where my Teen Nephew learned about checking chambers the hard way. 

Gun owners out there, keep it safe.  Know your guns and how to safely handle them.  If you have kids, teach them when their old enough and store them out of their reach.  If you have trouble doing so, or have kids with emotional issues that you can’t trust (like I once did) question yourself seriously if it’s worth it to have a gun around the house at this time.  Be a responsible gun owner.  Don’t give the anti-gun lobby any more ammo than they have already to restrict our Second Amendment rights.

And that’s my PSA for today.  Enjoy your Wednesday.

(via Instapundit)

One thought on “Another PSA on gun safety

  1. Fantastic and absolutely true. I have not heard it put that way about “God places a round in the chamber” and think that is a great idea. It is an embedded OCD action to check the chamber for myself and it does not matter if I set the pistol or rifle down for a second, I double and triple check my chamber because of that “one in a million chance” that a bullet magically appeared inside the barrel. Good job and keep them coming!
    Be safe

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