Thanksgiving observations

–  Think my stomach is shrinking in my advancing years.  It was a couple hours before I could go back for my obligatory seconds and it was all I could do to put them away as well and have room for pie.

–  Cake roll.  With walnuts and a cream cheese filling.  One of Yes Dear’s specialties.  Can’t get enough of it.  Warning: a little goes a long way.  Especially with a glass of milk.  You’ve been warned.

–  Was microseconds from putting a crackerful of cheese dip in my mouth when BIL told me “that’s habanero dip”.  Not wanting to let it go to waste, I went ahead and ate it.  Spent the next fifteen minutes looking for milk, or a fire extinguisher.

–  Made the mistake of walking in the playroom at the SIL’s where I heard the command of an unseen Teen Nephew to “get him!” and proceeded to get promptly dragged down to my knees by no fewer than six kids ages 3-10 (five nephews and one niece).  Just stamp “Jungle Gym” to my forehead, how ’bout it?

–  Little kids walking up and down your back on their knees?  BEST.  MASSAGE.  EVER.

–  Note to Teen Nephew: Do not get into a battle of wits with your Aunt Yes Dear.  You will lose.  Badly.  Every single time.  When will you learn?

–  Comment from one of the (adult) nieces: “Our family puts the “fun” in dysfunction!”  No truer words have been spoken, girl.

–  Nephew Mark proudly announced to me that he just turned eight a couple weeks ago, apparently on the same day as mine & Yes Dear’s anniversary.  Happy belated birthday, kid.  And damn, you’re getting big.

–  As per original plan, we only took half our cooking to the inlaws, so we still had the other half for leftovers.  The only thing that can compare with a freshly cooked Thanksgiving dinner is the leftovers on Friday.  Mmmmmm.

–  Can’t stress the importance of leftovers enough.  I remember years ago with my family we did a little something different one Thanksgiving.  We decided to forego the traditional fare and make it all seafood.  Lobster, crab, shrimp, scallops, you name it.  Absolutely delicious.  But one minor problem: all food was consumed, so there were no leftovers next day.  Crap.

–  Yes Dear took some of the leftover turkey and did turkey alfredo with noodles tonight.  Yummy.

–  Two nights off for Thanksgiving, then two nights on for the weekend for twelve hours each, then two more off.  Wish I could get a normal four-day weekend like everybody else.  Oh well, will have to wait til Christmas.

–  Black Friday?  Oh hell no!  Great time to barricade myself in the house, eat and watch TV, and surf the web.  Not like we really have the money to take advantage of the sales anyway.  Besides, did I ever tell you I hate crowds?

Hope everybody else is enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend.