2011 in review

Hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year.  Had a wonderful Christmas in Texas, followed by another grueling work schedule during the week, but luckily got New Year’s weekend off.  Running a little late with updates due to having JJ over and hogging my computer for a couple days, so playing catchup now.

Saw this particular recap format in a few places, and think I’ll try it out.  The only exclusions will be my periodic Musical Interludes (unless it’s a special occasion) and Brain Dumps.

By month:


After ten days into the year without posting anything, decided to create my own band and debut album cover.  I talked about my problems with conflict and confrontation.  I finalized plans for my family to move out to Arkansas with me, even as the job situation was still unstable.


I enjoyed a couple days off from work due to illness and a huge Southern snowstorm.  Tried my hardest to comfort and reassure an emotional nephew that I would always be a part of his life and wouldn’t abandon him, with mixed results.  Discussed some truly horrid marketing ideas.


I answered a prospective rental ad on Craigslist only to discover it was a scam.  Talked about the worst move I ever did, and the dubious living arrangements for us all once my family came out.  Shared a picture meme about myself.  Expressed my views of natural disasters and the Japan earthquake/tsunami, and how such occurrences bring out the Chicken Littles.  Had a long and deep conversation with myself about some things on my mind, with the help of a long-lost friend (literally).


Blogging was sporadic this month, for a variety of reasons.  I complained about getting pulled into tedious, repetitius tasks on my overtime days at work, making me question whether it was worth it at all, despite the fact that I needed the money.   Then at the end of the month, two critical items came together: a place for us to live, and a new job just minutes away.


Had my doubts about Ron Paul vindicated (which have only gotten worse recently).  Got totally turned off by a commercial, and even more turned off by reports of adults literally behaving like infants.  Had a dig at an apocalyptic doomsayer who didn’t know when to quit when he was losing badly.  Was then tearfully reunited with an old friend I thought was lost, but had been found.  Got some news about our prodigal daughter, resulting in mixed emotions.  Celebrated my three-year blogiversarry (sort of).


Had a fun outing at a local waterpark with the extended family and all the kids.  And speaking of kids, shared my thoughts after reading an article about roughhousing with your kids.  Enjoyed a good laugh after finding a video about the greatest movie insults.   Discovered another video that takes an interesting perspective on the history of 20th (and 21st) century warfare.  Wished everyone (including my dad) a Happy Father’s Day.  Given some of the unflattering and sometimes downright crude media treatment of Mormons, I decided to air a few of my thoughts on the subject.  Got into a little dare and some musical sparring with Da Goddess Found out far more about Carol Brady (Florence Henderson) than I ever cared to know.


Got completely grossed out by something in the news.  Read about one of the worst, most heartbreaking cases of child abuse I’ve ever heard.  Shared my take on the Casey Anthony trial.  Talked about my beginnings in blogging and how I was initially inspired to do so.  Gave my take on ADHD kids and parenting, including some examples within the family.  Did an update of an old post about goofs in church bulletins.


Did some bitching about Yes Dear’s family taking advantage of us without any gratitude, shortly followed by her declaring she’s not putting up with it anymore.  Was proud of my daughter PBJ for standing up to an abusive jerk and protecting her charges while babysitting.  Shared a few thoughts on common-sense gun safety.  Celebrated AJ’s second birthday (protected due to pics).  Had a good laugh about a child who says the darndest things.  Went on a rant about people who don’t use their common sense about guns, kids, and proper storage.


Shared my thoughts and feelings about 9/11 after ten years.  Talked some about celebrities and musicians whose works we love, but personal and political views we hate.  Discovered that maybe all of society isn’t totally rotten, yet.  Ranted about how Facebook and social media tries to put it’s tentacles into every facet of our private lives.  Reflected on how our home sometimes seems like a haven and refuge for lost and misunderstood children.  Found a cute Sesame Street video spoof on The Deadliest Catch.  Played a little old-fashioned floppy music on my blog.


Discovered my secret super hero name.  In the spirit of Halloween, talked about horror movie scenes that scared the crap out of me.  Looked back on the last two years of my life, and all the changes and challenges it brought.


Gave my thoughts about the Penn State scandal.  Remarked about the cluelessness of some members of the family.    Enjoyed a tasty breakfast on a cold, rainy morning when I had a couple days off from work.  Got a good laugh about how a fellow blogger dealt with rude people.  Shared my Thanksgiving in a couple posts.    Found the proper way to chew out an erring subordinate with class.


Gave my feelings on the whole Occupy movement.  Discovered some questionable products and their commercials.  Talked about what I think is the eighth deadly sin.  Went to Houston to my stepmother’s for Christmas, and had a little rant about those who don’t give their kids a decent Christmas, even though they’re perfectly capable of doing so.  Talked about some things I miss here in Arkansas that I can get in Houston,  not to mention the surprise gift that I’m still anxiously awaiting the arrival of via UPS (hopefully tomorrow).

Welcome 2012.  Hope it’s a happy and prosperous year for everyone.

3 thoughts on “2011 in review

  1. Hey Dave, I enjoyed rocking along with you in 2011. It has been interesting to see whazzzup with the Daves. Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, I’m scared to death to move to Windows 7…I just know all my business programs will not work. It’s gonna be murder. But, it’ll happen sooner or later.

    Our Buddy Basil commented about the Windows 7 deal. “You guys are SO behind. I’m already up to Windows 95!” Or something like that.

    Keep it between the ditches!

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