My Precious…

has arrived!

It’s a Dell!

The long-awaited replacement for my old Dell laptop, which finally had to be euthanized a few months ago due to a myriad of issues.  Like an old dog, it was faithful to the end, and most of the internal components were still functional, but the combination of  busted hinges,  a dead battery, a finicky AC connector that didn’t always charge or connect, and two dead AC power cords finally finished it off.  I was able to salvage the perfectly good hard drive, though.

This is a refurbished Latitude D630, with an Intel Core 2 processor, running Windows 7.  As much as I enjoy my beloved XP, it’s time to catch up a bit with a more current OS (I had no intention of getting Vista).  Of course, once I get used to Win7 they’ll likely be releasing 8, so I’ll stubbornly be holding out with 7 until it too becomes hopelessly obsolete.

Right now it’s connected via Ethernet cable to it’s venerable mothership, my trusty old desktop, so it can copy all the necessary goodies that’ll make it (and myself) happy.  Including my blogging folder.

I know, there’s much better laptops out there.   But for my uses, and what I paid for it, this will fit me just fine for a while.

Many thanks to my stepmother, who’s unexpected generosity allowed this late Christmas present to myself.

4 thoughts on “My Precious…

  1. AH HA. So I wasn’t the only one who suffered through that hinge connection problem from a Dell laptop.

    Got a Sony Vaio now, but I hear a hinge clicking a year later.

    Seriously, can these manufacturers NOT figure out hinges of all things? I mean hinges have been around LONG before laptops, PC’s or even computers were, right?

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