Brain dump 1/24/2012

–  Yes I know, posting has been getting erratic and sporadic lately.  Part of it is my usual January doldrums, but also been working six days a week (two of them 12 hour shifts), and my spare time has been taken up by sleeping or depriving myself of sleep.  And been playing way too much of this.

–  Ever since getting and playing with my precious, I’ve been getting the bug to upgrade my venerable desktop as well, which is still perfectly functional but starting to drag some with all the newer applications out there.  I’ve been looking around out there and salivating over some of the barebones systems I can get reasonably priced.  Trouble is, my MAD money has been very limited since I gave all budgeting control to my wife, and we have a lot more pressing financial matters (like adopting AJ) to deal with right now.  But it’s okay to dream a little, isn’t it?

– I know I bitch and groan a lot about work.  Management tends to be dysfunctional and unresponsive to the concerns of us production workers, they schedule overtime in huge swaths every week regardless of if there’s a need for it at any given position, they work us like dogs (seven day weeks are not uncommon at all) and tend to snipe about petty things, etc.  But the fact is that with the overtime I’m pulling in more money than I ever have before, even more than what I was doing in Georgia.  Figure that into a much cheaper cost of housing, and a dramatically reduced gasoline bill due to having only a five-minute commute, and I’m better off counting my blessings.

– As per my last post, I’m getting concerned with the Republicans not able to solidly support a candidate and having them tear each other down so brutally.  That plays right into the hands of an Obama re-election, something which I cannot reiterate enough that is totally unacceptable to this country.  Newt Gingrich’s surprise win in South Carolina just adds to my fears.  Don’t get me wrong, if the Republicans throw their weight behind and nominate Newt, I’ll vote for him.  But I’m afraid his personal baggage and blunt manner of speaking, while refreshing in a debate, will turn off too many moderate mainstream voters, and they are the ones who ultimately decide an election.

– AJ’s growing like a weed.  And acting like a two-year-old.  That doesn’t bother me too much (except when he screams outside the bedroom door while I’m trying to sleep after working all night), but it’s not the Terrible Two’s that I’m afraid of.  It’s the Terrible Threes, when they get a vocabulary and aren’t afraid to use it to smart talk you back.  That’s a problem with nephews L’il Buddha and twins ThingOne and ThingTwo (who are now five), and I dread when they start teaching it to AJ.  Also he’s discovered the joys of opening and closing doors.  Over and over and over again.

– Sort of an unofficial New Year’s resolution: I’m going to try to be a little less critical of my wife’s family on this blog.  They are who they are and bitching about them is just beating a dead horse.  Of course, I can’t guarantee that I won’t still go on the occasional rant about them (mind I did say TRY), but I’ll put a little more thought into deciding if their latest antics are really blog worthy, or if I’m just using them as filler.  Think of it as a challenge to be a little more positive about things I blog about.

– My wife’s got a nickname for that cowardly Italian captain that ran his ship aground and abandoned his passengers: Chicken Of The Sea. I call him the Anti-Sully.  Among a few other choice nicknames.

– For crying out loud, lay off of Paula Deen already.  Attacking her and her cooking habits is like attacking your favorite grandmother who loved stuffing you silly whenever you spent a week with her as a kid.  Yes, it’s not the healthiest stuff in the world.  So what?  Take a little responsibility for how you take care of yourself, but quit dictating to us what we should and shouldn’t eat, that’s none of your damn business.  Oh, and Anthony Bourdain?  Bite me.

SOPA and PIPA are dying, but aren’t completely dead yet, at least not the concept.  Keep up the pressure, everyone.

– Have to admit I’m still somewhat mixed on this subject, but ripping a beloved parental figure away from this family is heartless and cruel, regardless of their lifestyle choice.  Especially since they were approved to adopt these kids, now they want to get rid of one of them over an immigration issue?  Bureaucracy at it’s finest.  And yes, the law should be changed, or at least exceptions allowed to prevent the breaking up of families, whether hetero or same-sex.

– Apparently I missed De-Lurk day, or week, or whatever, so I’m going to celebrate it late.  Whether you’re a regular here or just popping by, show yourselves!

UPDATE:  Fixed date.   Apparently I thought it was June.  Damn brain farts.

4 thoughts on “Brain dump 1/24/2012

  1. I’m glad you’re getting the work but hope you can get time for some real R&R!

    Don’t worry about Newt; he’s got as much chance of winning the nomination as he does of becoming pregnant. 😉

  2. I’m showing myself.

    Dave, “Chicken of the Sea” made me chuckle. And yes, it is okay to dream.

    Having recently upgraded my virtual life, I can tell you that it is a PITA. Stay with what you have as long as you can. Get some extra Memory if you must, but DO NOT buy new if you don’t have to.

    Keep the faith, Pal.

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