The Clampett’s Vacation (and a few other things)

Biting my tongue in half to keep the I-told-you-so’s at bay.

But before we get into that mess, a little work news.  After this weekend, I am off the weekend shift at work and onto the regular third shift.  Which means I’ll still be working six days a week most of the time, but rarely on Sat night/Sun morn, unless they pay me doubletime.  There will be somewhat of a cut in my overtime hours, so I’ll have to watch my paystubs carefully and things might tighten a little in the near future.  But at least I got back the better part of my weekends.

Now onto the show.

Which almost never made it out of the driveway.

Because Yes Dear’s dad lost the Disney tickets.

Yes, you heard that right.  Lost.  Vanished.  Disappeared.  All $700 worth of them.

So when they got there they had to fork out another huge chunk of change to do half of what they originally intended to do.

To add to the complications, by Yes Dear’s account, her dad behaved like a grumpy ass for the better part of the time.  I have my suspicions that he may be in the beginning stages of dementia, but also likely is that it finally dawned on him that he bit off far more than he could chew by overpromising and overplanning, and then underdelivering.  Not to mention the aforementioned ticket fiasco.

Despite all this, Yes Dear was able to make sure that the kids had a great time.  And, by most accounts, the kids (AJ, nephew JJ, and niece Bea, a last minute addition by grandpa that added another $900 to the tab) enjoyed themselves, and Yes Dear even did pretty well with her mom, which in itself was an accomplishment given that they can only be around each other for short stretches.  The one who, in Yes Dear’s own words acted like a two year old that needed a spanking, was her dad.

After Disney her mom, dad, and JJ flew back home while Yes Dear rented a car with PBJ, AJ, and Bea to go to Georgia and pick up our eldest daughter Panda Bear and her two little ones.

They’re all home now.  We’ll be taking Panda Bear and kids back home next weekend (once we figure out how to afford to rent another car), but in the meantime they’re chillaxing with us.

We’re trying to convince her to move out here near us, eventually.  She went through an acrimonious divorce last year and currently has too much drama going on in her life, which we’re afraid is starting to rub off on the kids.  Unfortunately, partly due to her mental limitations, she doesn’t always listen to sound advice and tends to end up in difficult situations that need someone else to step in and help her out of.  She does take her parenting seriously and does the best she can with what she knows, but sometimes she has difficulty reining them in, something she needs to learn before they get much older and start running her.  After a couple days here we started enforcing our own house rules and her kids responded quite well.  We want to show them and her what a calm, drama free house with order instead of chaos is like.

And my how they have grown.  KK, the eldest grandson, is 3 ½ and turning into a stringbean.  As a matter of fact, I think that’s going to be his blog name from here on out.  He has been diagnosed with very mild autism spectrum disorder (like his mom), but he does talk some, is potty trained, and very affectionate.  And he loves his papa (me).  Really going to miss him when he leaves.  Baby M is about two and a half, and she is doing well too.  She is almost as affectionate as her big brother and never passes a chance to latch onto my leg when I pass by.  And they both play well with cousin AJ, who tolerates them surprisingly well considering he’s not used to sharing his space and toys for extended periods.

I could certainly handle having my grandkids closer by.

But before I pack it up for the night and go to work (blech), I have something else I’d like to share.

Remember around this time last year when we last heard about prodigal daughter June Bug having another baby?  And how I wondered if we ever would get to be a part of his life, or even if she would stick around and take care of him this time?

Well, I have a little updating to do here.  Positive updating.

June Bug is currently living in Florida and engaged to her boyfriend, the father of her child.  Supposedly he has a pretty good job and is capable of supporting them all and, most important, he has a good family backing him up.  She has apparently, for the time being, gotten off the drugs and is taking her mothering responsibilities seriously.  She has no interest in challenging us for AJ, agreeing that he is best left to be raised in our care.
While all this doesn’t completely erase our doubts given her recent sordid past, it sounds like she’s taking steps in the right direction and we have to credit her with that.

And since the family was going to Florida, she at least wanted to see her mom and introduce her boyfriend and the baby.

And they did.

Yes Dear with our newest grandson, CJ

3 thoughts on “The Clampett’s Vacation (and a few other things)

  1. EXCELLENT news about June Bug and her family! CJ is certainly a cutie! 😀

    Also, congrats on the shift change! YAY! That is something to celebrate…!!

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