Okay, let’s get this out of the way.  I’m done with the gloom and doom talk.  Yes, we lost the election.  Yes, we got our asses handed to us.  Yes, we couldn’t afford to lose this one, and we’re in for a rough ride for the next four years.  And I won’t pretend to know the answers for why we lost, or what needs to be done to unite the conservative base and overcome the wave of socialism that is creeping over us.  But there are some things we can do to deal with the situation that we have unfortunately been stuck with:

–  Accept that some things are beyond our personal control.  I’ll have to admit, losing this election depressed me like few other events, particularly for the first few days afterwards.  But then I decided that I needed to refocus my energies on taking care of the things that I could control (like my own personal and family affairs), and just let go of brooding over things I had no control over.  Something I’ve always had trouble doing, but no better time to practice than now.

–  Lose the negativity.  Going hand in hand with the previous item, negativity just breeds depression and gets nothing constructive done.  I’m also getting tired of the Chicken Littles and the doomsayers and am purposely staying away from blogs and blogposts that do nothing more than bleat about our doom.  I’d rather read about positive stuff, or sensible solutions for dealing with the real problems we face.  But whining about how screwed we are is getting old quick.

–  Put our own affairs in order and prepare for emergencies.  Easier said than done in my case, but hard to overemphasize.  Get ourselves out of debt and stay out, save as much as we can (never mind about high-interest yields, just stash in a safe account somewhere until we really need it), and store food and water and necessary supplies, especially food and water.  BTW, all these are regular tenets of the LDS Church to prepare for hard times.  Even if our worst case predictions don’t pan out, there is always the possibility of earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or some other damaging event that may force us to subsist on our own personal resources for an extended period of time.  Wait for the government to help you?  After Sandy and Katrina, I don’t think so.

–  Help thy fellow neighbor.  Hopefully your neighbors aren’t flaming moonbat liberals who believe that all conservatives should fry because they don’t believe in global warming, but it’s hard to argue with the fact that we all become stronger when we help each other.  The more we help each other, the less dependent we become on government assistance, and the better our pool of resources.  Besides, there’s nothing wrong with being neighborly.

–  Pay closer attention to politics at the state and local levels.  Okay, I’m trying to stay out of politics on this post, but the fact is that we’ve been completely let down at the federal level.  Our best chance for the future is to fight locally, and work our way up to state, because that has the most immediate influence over us.  Besides, a strong coalition of states with good governors can be quite effective at giving the middle finger to the feds.

–  Stop the crazy talk, and throw the crazies overboard.  Alright, one last political rant.  One likely factor in losing the election is that the Dems put the spotlight on too many of the morons that call themselves Republican (Todd Akin, anybody?) and used that brush to paint the rest of us the same color (oops, does my use of the word color suggest racism?)  Those people should’ve been denounced and thrown under the bus by the GOP early on, for they make us look no better than the far-left loonies that we’re fighting for our lives against.  Also, the nonsense about secession needs to stop.  History lesson: that was already tried once back in 1860, and resulted in the bloodiest conflict in our history and divisions that persist to this day.  Secession keeps getting brought up by people throwing tantrums because things didn’t go their way in the election, and all that succeeds in doing is making us look like a bunch of bratty three-year-olds.  Things aren’t even close to being that bad yet, and all talk of secession does is make us look like the crazies, not them.  And some of my Facebook friends might question a post that I recently made but it was more for satirical purposes, not an active call for secession.

And before I go, some more food for thought.  The day immediately after the election, we had a surprise plant meeting in which we were told that the previously scheduled plant shutdown would be extended by at least one week, and for some workers possibly for as long as a month.  Unfortunately, I may land in that latter group.  So things are going to get real tight around here real soon.  But despite this, I refuse to allow myself to wallow in self-pity and woe is me (at least, not after the first 24 hours).  I recently was given a calling in a leadership position at church and am in a position to see numerous families in our branch who face challenges much worse than ours.  I still have my health and my job (for now), my wife is looking for something part time and recently recovered from surgery and a cancer scare, and our child AJ is healthy and happy and on the road to adoption, hopefully by March.  I call it called counting our blessings.

Let us all count our blessings and move forward.  Not forward into the badly misguided vision that our unfortunately reelected President/Dear Leader has for our country, but forward with our regular lives.  Make sensible preparations for hard times, but don’t dwell on everything that could go wrong.  Live and love life and our families just like we’ve always done.  Keep working our jobs, improve our skills when we can, and try to move into fields that’ll always have demand, like healthcare and a few others.  And don’t allow ourselves to fall into gloom and despair, because that’s how the other side wins.  America has adjusted to and survived many other challenges and predictions of doom, and I still believe that somehow we’ll find a way to survive this one.  We just have to keep the faith.

3 thoughts on “Forward…

  1. Basically exactly what Arthur and I decided. We may lose the battles, but God will win the war. We need to be the best we can be and prepare for anything.

    Uplifting post, Dave!!

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