Christmas thoughts 2012

–  Our family has been awfully blessed this Christmas.  Was starting to look like an economic nightmare early on because of my plant shutdown until mid-January, the fact that unemployment covers slightly more than half of what I normally bring home, and going a week without any pay because you have to serve a waiting week in Arkansas before you can claim benefits.  I did register at a local temp agency and they were able to find me some work last week, so I’ll be able to bring home some money this week, which is more than the fat goose egg I was (not) looking forward to.  And we did save up enough early on so that AJ would be well taken care of for Christmas, even if it was going to be somewhat lean for the rest of us.  We also volunteered to help put together and deliver food baskets last Sunday, something I love to do whenever I can.  After doing so and coming home, we discovered that someone left us not only a well-stocked food basket, but a gift card with a not-insignificant amount of money on it!  So we’re able to take care of everything we wanted for Christmas, and even have a little left over for a few extras the rest of the week until the New Year.  Given the likelihood that we may be snowed in for a day or two, we can certainly use it.

–  Speaking of blessings, it is humbling to realize this year just how hard things are for a lot of families this Christmas season.  A lot of families at church are in need this year, far more than we are.  There have been a lot of people in ill health, and we are even attending a funeral Thursday for someone from church who passed away a couple days ago after a mercifully short battle with lung cancer, one of the members of our branch presidency.  There is news locally and nationally of lots of tragic going on’s, particularly with the horrific events a couple of weeks ago, and right now there is even the threat of a severe tornado outbreak down in the Gulf states.  Makes me realize that a lot of our personal concerns are petty and we need to be mindful of the larger scheme of things, and do what we can to ease the burdens of those that are less fortunate than ourselves.

–  Currently having the first white Christmas I can remember since I was about five years old living in West Virginia.  Got back a short time ago after taking the inlaws their Christmas dinner.  Also ended up picking up nephew JJ from the SIL’s house and taking him to his dad’s so he can spend time with him and his fiancee and Mark.  Glad we were able to help, because SIL is a notorious dawdler and by the time she would’ve gotten around to taking him, the weather would’ve been so bad she wouldn’t have done it, and JJ would’ve gotten screwed out of spending Christmas with family that actually gave a crap about him.  Sadly, a not uncommon occurrence in his life. Anyway, glad we took care of all that early, because the snow is really coming down now, about four hours earlier than forecast.  Now we’re all home and currently in face-stuffing mode.  And might bundle up enough to venture outside and see how far I can get with a snowman and an arsenal of snowballs before ending up with head-to-toe frostbite.  Wish I had a working camera, I’d post pics.

–  Hope everyone out there is having a blessed and joyous Christmas Day.

5 thoughts on “Christmas thoughts 2012

  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Dave. May the new year be brighter. I love the fact that someone thought of you… you who still give and think of others when things are even tough in your own home.

  2. “Makes me realize that a lot of our personal concerns are petty and we need to be mindful of the larger scheme of things, and do what we can to ease the burdens of those that are less fortunate than ourselves.”

    In a nutshell! Merry Christmas, Dave and family!

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