2012 in review

Tried to get this up earlier, but while PBJ was out helping her grandparents grocery shop yesterday, nephew JJ asked if he could spend the New Year with us, which we acquiesced to, since we really haven’t gotten to spend much time with him the past year.  Was happy to have him (we did the same for last year’s New Year), but that pretty much killed any further blogging for the evening.  So now that he’s back home, I’m finishing up where I left off yesterday afternoon before he showed up.

I decided to use  the same format as I did in last years post recapping the previous year, linking to all the year’s posts except for a select few (mainly Musical Interludes and a few brain dumps).

Hope everybody had a happy and safe New Year, and hope we all can make the next one better for ourselves.

By month:


Did my review of 2011.  My new laptop off of Ebay I got for Christmas arrived (which, sad to say, now needs a motherboard transplant due to a failed graphics chip), and I bitched about the unnecessary info our paystubs from work contain.  Shared a rare meme about people I’d like to have dinner with, and expressed my opinion on a piece about people who don’t vote at all or “protest” vote (fat lot of good it did).  Bitched more about work and how they treat us no better than the slave galleys of Ben Hur.


Guess it was a difficult month, hardly posted anything at all other than a Musical Interlude which got it’s video removed.  Think the song was I Am A Rock by Simon and Garfunkel.


Got seriously addicted to a military simulation on my laptop.  Posted a rant about prospective employers stepping way outside the boundaries of privacy.  Talked about the rash of fed-up flight crews pissing off on their passengers.  Started adoption proceedings for AJ, had a flood that went through our living room, and moved into a house (higher off the ground) shortly thereafter (all in this post).


Another light posting month.  Completed our move, and dredged up another memeVented about the work and family situation, but did manage to get enough time off to spend a full day’s date with Yes Dear.


More griping, this time about how news stories lure you in with sensational leads, only to discover that the circumstances are completely different from what you expected.  Got into some hot water at work, too much in a short period of time to where I thought my job could’ve been in jeopardy.  Wondered why the hell my SIL would be calling us at three in the morning.


Did a little tribute to one of the most decisive battles in American history.  AJ learned a new trick which was cute in a way, but disturbing for those of us that value our bathroom privacy.  Plans for The Vacation To From Hell were hatched, but I wasn’t invited (fortunately, as things turned out).  Did a little piece on the death of Rodney King, and the unpleasant legacy he left behind.  Cast my endorsement for Mitt RomneyDanced with glee at the unsurprising guilty verdict of a serial pedophile, only to recoil at the fact that there was a huge coverup of his misdeeds starting all the way at the top for over ten years.


Found a cute crossover between Star Wars and the Hawaii Five O theme on Youtube (amazing how many crossover themes some people have put up there).  The Vacation To From Hell (minus my participation) took place with predictable results, but my family did manage to find enjoyment despite everything.  Also Yes Dear got to see daughter June Bug after being estranged for the past three years and meet our latest grandson CJ.  Afterwards they went to Georgia and brought back elder daughter Panda Bear and our other two grandkids for a couple weeks.


Reminisced about the humble origins of my long-term relationship with Yes Dear, and how I followed her halfway around the country to be with her.  Revealed some very personal skeletons in the family closet and some related current concerns (protected, but ask and I’ll likely give you the password).  Found out that work was going to be shutting down the last week of the year, which later got extended to well into January.  Made fun of a coworker at work, got off the weekend shift to a regular third shift, and remembered why I hate summertime in the South.  Received a heads-up that a blog that I had been following a little while turned out to be a complete hoax.


Yes Dear’s “factory” was completely demolished and rezoned.  Did my annual September 11 tribute.  Swiped a really good post talking about the effects guns have on the civilized worldPut out a little PSA about proper dress when one plans on doing business with someone, like cutting their grass.  Started working a ton of overtime at work, celebrated Yes Dear’s birthday, and discovered another gaming crack habitPissed off on my beloved BIL who confronted me over an insignificant family issue while at work (protected, but ask if you’re interested).


Another month with light posting.  Celebrated another birthday.  Received another embarrassing visit from the klutz fairy, but at least it didn’t involve stitches this time.  Attempted to clarify some misunderstandings and misinformation about Mormons in anticipation of the coming election. 


Posted my hopes and concerns about the election, only to be sorely disappointed at the results.  Despite the crushing loss and the realization that our country is in for a very rough ride the next four years, made the decision to move on with life and not dwell on political issues beyond my control.  Found out my work hiatus was going to be longer than anticipated.  Had a little rant about pets and their inclusion within the family circle with many families (like mine).


Shared a tidbit I found on why, despite the unfavorable political climate in this country, America will still survive.  Was absolutely floored by the horrific events in Newtown Ct,  and entered into the debate about what can be done to prevent this in the future, as well as the ineffectiveness of gun control laws.  Despite my hiatus from work and ending up even shorter on funds than anticipated, still made things work out for Christmas and even ended up with some extra blessings.  Ended out the year with a little reflection on the earlier years of my blog.

And many thanks to all my readers out there that have stuck around this long, and those newer ones who just started sticking around.  Bring on 2013!

5 thoughts on “2012 in review

  1. 2012 was certainly an interesting year. Then again, life is interesting.
    I’m glad your Christmas turned out well and that you and Yes Dear had a good New Years Eve.

    May 2013 bring you laughter and joy.

  2. That’s a cool idea. Sort of synopsis of your posts over the year, kind of like a chronological summary. I like it. Thanks for posting that…it’s giving me some things to go back and read.

  3. Enjoyed the posts, Dave. Didn’t comment much, but read them all.

    Wish I had your “Bring on 2013” attitude. Just can’t work it up.


    Keep writing, and I’ll keep reading. But, don’t push yourself on my account… 🙂

  4. Rave – same to you.

    Squeeze – stop by anytime.

    Andy – just to be fair, there are going to be some significant challenges coming up in my family the next few months. But instead of cowering and waiting for the meteors to hit, I’m trying to be proactive and make myself ready to face them as they come.

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