A case of the Mondays averted (barely)

It all started going wrong earlier this morning at work when I asked about my pay stub from last week, which I needed so we could get Panda Bear’s benefits on track since she is currently living with us (hopefully not for too much longer).  Turns out that, being one of the last to return to work after the shutdown, I was the last one informed that the company did away with paper stubs and they had to be accessed through the company intranet via a kiosk in the HR department.  No home online access from the outside, all had to be done at work.

Minor inconvenience, I thought.  I figured I’d just take care of it after clocking off my shift, when HR came in, and then go home.  Only to discover that employees can’t log into their personal payroll info on Mondays or Tuesdays while payroll is being processed, lest it screw up their pay in the SAP program.

Major inconvenience.

Who the hell ever heard of the likes of that?  That an employee can’t freely access their own paystubs whenever they need to?  I’ve worked for several companies that had paperless options, and none of them were in the slightest bit as inconvenient as this.  There was usually the option of accessing personal information from home and printing it off at one’s leisure.

Apparently my company is determined to make things as difficult and inconvenient as possible for it’s employees just because it can, even though ample technology exists to do it the easy way.  Assholes.

Fuming at this, I left and started home, making a side trip to get gas and pick up some milk at the local Kroger, which was on sale at 3 half gallons for $5.

Only to discover that there were no half-gallon jugs of anything, so I was forced to pay nearly $4 for a one-gallon jug of milk.


Make it home and have to explain to Yes Dear why I wasn’t able to get my paystub, as well as not being able to find the milk on sale.  But was having difficulty communicating at all because AJ kept yammering for her attention and decided to pitch a fit when she told him he needed to go away and let the adults talk for a few minutes.


Eventually make it to the kitchen to look for something quick for breakfast.  Kinda tired of cereal, so look through the fridge and find some leftover maple sausage, eggs, Muenster cheese, and bagels.  Sounds like the perfect Dave McBagel for me.

Put a small skillet with a sausage patty on the stove and try to light it.  Several times.  Won’t light.

Now my hand is sticky.  Something was on the burner knob and never cleaned off.

Double irritation.

I pick up the skillet and fiddle with the burner cap, which was askew and keeping the gas from lighting.  Finally manage to get it to light.

And then knock over a measuring cup half full of water perched precariously on the edge of the stove, sitting there for apparently no other purpose than to get knocked over and send an already frustrated Dave into a raging temper tantrum.

Can you tell I was tired and probably needed to go to bed?

As I prepared to launch the measuring cup (still surprisingly with water in it) across the kitchen in a fit of anger, I suddenly had a hymn from church start going through my head, one that we had sung yesterday morning.  It was called Did You Think To Pray?

At that moment I was probably about as far from a praying frame of mind as I could possibly get, but I allowed the music to wash through my head, closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and actively prayed to myself that my anger and frustration would go away before I really made a jerk of myself and alienated my family for the rest of the day.

And it worked.

With a newfound truce with myself, I finished cooking my sausage and eggs and put together my Dave McBagel.

Mmmm.  Delicious.  My Monday morning has improved considerably.

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