Brain Dump 5/14/2013

–  I hate my work.  Not so much the job itself, but the unpredictability of the business.  One day they tell us that sales are down, our parts quota is down, therefore no overtime and a likelihood of going back to 30 hrs/wk, and by the way the plant is shutting down for a week around the 4th of July (yes, they’re gonna).  By the end of the week, after you’ve made plans to do something with the family, they’re calling in everybody to work the weekend because there are parts stacked from hell to breakfast all over the plant and not enough people to run them because, oh yes, they laid off too many people.  I ended up stiffing them a weekend last month because that Saturday Yes Dear and PBJ had planned to go to an all day church function for women, and I was to stay home with AJ.  Planned weeks in advance.  Told the bosses they could work me all week long, but I absolutely could not work that particular Saturday.  I was told I had to come in anyway.  I told them, in so many words, “tough shit, my family comes first”.  And nothing they could do about it, other than charge me with an occurrence.

–  Not great news on the in-law front.   Yes Dear & I & AJ will no longer be setting foot in the home or on the property of her sister anytime in the near future, since the Butt Hole In Law (now known as BHIL) has done everything possible to make us feel completely unwelcome in their home.  Not to lower ourselves to their level but they are still welcome to visit us in OUR home (something the SIL seldome does, and the BHIL absolutely refuses to set foot inside), and any family gathering anywhere else if they wish to attend.  Apparently it is now a crime for not only myself to say hello or start a conversation with my nephews, but my wife as well.  The BHIL will send them off to do some distant task out of our proximity, call them in the house, or otherwise holler at them for some broken rule or undone chore if he catches either one of us talking to them.  Only next door at the grandparents can we talk to them or sneak a hug.  And he has been incredibly rude to my wife lately as well.  So we’ll stay out of their home and see if her sister will stand behind her hubby or keep him from sequestering the family.  Time will tell.

–  Went to a church Mother’s Day dance Saturday evening.  The kind where the youth babysit the kids while the adults get a spaghetti dinner catered to them by some of the other youth.  Watched AJ sneak in and try to do the Cha Cha Slide, and Yes Dear & I got to dance to REO Speedwagon’s “Keep On Loving You”.  Not a bad night at all, especially considering the last time I danced it required two rum and cokes to get me out on the dance floor.  Yes, that was quite a few years before I went LDS.

–  Thinking very seriously of selling what’s left of my Bonneville (hasn’t driven since January – no battery)  and becoming a one-car family for a while.  Not expecting to get a lot out of it, but enough to catch up on some things and get a break on the insurance.  PBJ chauffers around her grandpa in his truck (and gets paid for it) so she sorta gets to use it as a “company” vehicle (and keeps the SIL and BHIL from trying to use it and running out all the gas without replacing it).  Right now we live in a town where just about everything we need and want is within a short distance, and there is rarely need for two vehicles, so the wife & I can deal.  Just need to give the Windstar some plugs and a good tuneup.

–  We’re making a little extra money on the side watching a six-month-old baby for his working mama.  Mr. Fluffy, as we call him, has got to be the sweetest and happiest baby alive, and this is coming from someone who is a confessed babyphobe.  I come in the door in the morning from work and he’s the one happiest to see me.  He loves to coo and play, sounding a lot like Gizmo from Gremlins.  He has no problem letting me rock and soothe him, and often will calm down instantly, not something I’m normally able to do with babies.  AJ adores him and will often walk by and plant a kiss on his bald head, exclaiming, “my baby”.  And the mama loves the fact that she can leave her baby with a “cool” family that’ll take care of him and love him like their own, something that seems to be lacking in her own home.  Sigh.

–  And while we’re on the subject of babies, I might’ve mentioned at some time or another that we were going to be visited by daughter June Bug.  She did make it out a couple of weekends ago and even though we were not impressed by the baby daddy (another story for another time perhaps), we were glad to see our daughter after three years of estrangement.  Oh yeah, and our grandson CJ.  Want a peek?  (below the fold)



baby statue of liberty

So, how’s your week starting?

7 thoughts on “Brain Dump 5/14/2013

  1. After just finishing painting our ceiling, I can only imagine putting a paint roller in the hand of the statue of liberty. It’s sad to hate your job. I know. But it’s harder to look for a new one anymore. Sad but true.

  2. Grau works in manufacturing. He went from 58 hour, 6-day work weeks to 40 hrs, 5 days. They’ve been letting people go. It’s hard to live on 40 hr paychecks when they pay you peanuts to begin with.
    Just this morning the bosses told Grau, ‘ISO audit coming up. Might be working saturdays. Don’t know yet.’
    –In other words, you might work extra some saturdays, so don’t plan a life just in case.
    And darn it, because we need the money, the horrible bosses win again.

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