Another little monkey, riding on my back…

Mrs. Who, you are a bad, bad person.

I’m addicted again, and you are responsible.  I’m going to have to consider you my dealer.

This is what you dealt me.

For someone that’s already somewhat of a geography freak, this has become my latest crack habit.

To those that may be scratching their heads right now, Geoguessr is a sort of game where you are randomly dropped off in a Google Maps location anywhere in the world, and you have to guess where you’re at.

Of course, I don’t just randomly guess.  I move around until I can find a road sign, an establishment name, or some other landmark that I can Google and narrow down my location, sometimes to the exact location.

But even Google isn’t much help when you’re dropped off on a road in the middle of nowhere in Australia where you can move around for the better part of an hour and still not find a sign or any clue as to where you are, except for the fact that you’re driving on the left side of the road.

Or dropped off in a vacant lot somewhere in the Ukraine that you can’t move out of.

Or dropped underwater just off a beach that you think is in the Caymans, only to discover that it’s some remote island off the coast of, you guessed it, Australia.

Australia, Australia, Australia, I am sick of the sight of Australia.  (some pretty country, though!)

My guess on that last one would’ve been closer just by drilling a hole straight through the center of the Earth.

Some might consider using Google cheating.  Personally I beg to differ, for I see no fun or challenge in random guessing.  My enjoyment comes from the detective work, to see if there is something I can find that’ll give me clues so I can figure out where I am.  I also make a lot of use out of Google Earth, where you can easily zero in on locations once you figure them out.

And you get to do a lot of interesting world travel to locations you would never dream of going.  Without ever leaving your house, your living room, or your bedroom.  Or your laptop.

It offers the capability to challenge other people, but so far it’s very crudely done and not worth the hassle.  Supposedly the challenge option is being upgraded to where you can more easily challenge several players at once.

If there is one house rule I would consider having, it would be setting a time limit (half hour? twenty minutes?) to guess each location.  Or maybe a blanket time, say, one hour or so, to guess all five.  Within the time restrictions, any method may be used to figure out the location.  Or maybe just disallow Google Earth, since it can really simplify things if used correctly (but Google Maps would still be okay).  All on honor system, of course.

Warning – much time can be wasted playing this game.  Don’t play if you have any pressing engagements coming up in the next couple hours.   Like having to go to work, or something.

Go try it, and become an addict, so you too can say “Hi, I’m ……, and I’m an addict”.

Just make sure you feed the kids and the pets first.

2 thoughts on “Another little monkey, riding on my back…

  1. I knew it was geo guesser before clicking the link! Just had a feeling…😉

    I never get any of them right… but then I don’t chug along dirt roads too long, or look around too much. Turns out rural areas in one country looks just like rural areas in other countries.. it’s odd and intriguing.

  2. I’m so sorry to have done that to you, lol! My husband has challenged me to one that I have yet to undertake. I HAVE to get a better score than him, so it means a day when I can focus with no distractions. But isn’t it fun???

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