Brain dump 6/29/2013

– Had a promising job interview a few weeks ago with better pay, better hours, etc.  That is, it was promising until I got the “we’re sorry, we cannot offer this position to you” in the mail the other day.  Crap.  Oh well, wasn’t meant to be.

– Weeklong plant shutdown starts Wednesday next week.  Instead of scheduling it for a full workweek they split it between two, with a holiday thrown in, no doubt to limit unemployment claims.  I’m using vacation for two of the days, which with the holiday pay will earn me at least one full paycheck for one week, and UI for the other two the next week. There is a list for volunteers to work if desired, no doubt cleaning, which I won’t be signing up for.  Now a coworker told me that because there is an opportunity to volunteer, that means there is work to do and nobody would be able to collect UI.  My thought is, there’s not enough work to go around if theoretically everyone signed up, and they can only deny you if they told you to show up and you refused.  Any thoughts on how this might work (Arkansas laws)?

– Yes Dear & I are pretty much on the outs with extended family right now (meaning SIL and BHIL).  Not that I care much, for we’re both discovering that the less we hear from them and the less we give a crap about what they think or do, the happier we are.  And yet they still let our nephews come over and spend the night from time to time (JJ a couple weeks ago, and ThingTwo this weekend), probably because they look for any excuse to pawn them when they can.  They have had family events and invited everyone, including both our adult daughters, but not extended invitations to us (not that we care).  But interestingly, they want to invite everybody to their 4th of July bash, and even included AJ, but no word about us.  Invite a three year old but not include his parents?  What part of HELL NO do they not understand?

– I’m becoming more and more convinced, every day listening to or watching the news, that the lunatics are in charge of the asylum.  Gross violations of basic civil rights, ordinary citizens being harassed and even imprisoned by overreaching gov’t bureaucrats, young children charged with thought crimes, racial bigotry worse than it was in the 1960’s, except now directed at nonminorities, a president that seems to be deliberately running the country into the ground with his dubious policies, and no solutions in sight. We’re definitely in for another very hard four years, and even then will it get any better?  I’m starting to seriously wonder just how close we are to the end of the Book of Revelation.

– Thought I had more to vent and dump, but ran out.  Will try to come up with some more coherent stuff later.

3 thoughts on “Brain dump 6/29/2013

  1. I haven’t talked to my step-daughter in a year and a half and things are so much better without the constant drama – a relief!

    And yes, the lunatics are in charge! It’s so strange, like watching a movie… a bad movie. 😦

  2. I’m living proof that after years and years of drama created by a family member, things CAN get better.

    After about 18 emotionally challenging years, this family member finally got on medication that made her life and ours normal. You cannot believe how wonderful just a simply Norma conversation can be when you don’t spend it worrying about how one simple innocent word might set off a firestorm that’s lasted for months and sometimes years.

    We’ve been blessed with about two normal years in a row and finally feel hopeful that it might, just might last.

    I pray you find the same peace.

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