Musical Interlude 8/26/2013

Linda Ronstadt, arguably one of the greatest singing voices from the 70’s, has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and claims she can no longer sing a note.

Though she has been guilty, like too many celebrities, of left-leaning politics and being a little too vocal about them at times (I once did a post on such celebrities), there’s no denying the talent she once had and the influence she wielded in the 70’s music world.  And it’s sad to think that now she can only listen secondhand to the fantastic voice she once had.  Hopefully with advanced medical care she can minimize the ravages of the Parkinson’s, which may be second only to Alzheimer’s in the degree of cruelty it wreaks on the elderly.

So in memoriam to that wonderful talent she once had, I’ll give you a twofer.  Here she is performing one of the greatest bad-breakup songs ever written:

And probably my favorite showcase of her singing ability, accompanied by some “special” friends:

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