Turning into an FML day…

Find out this morning that granddaughter M is going to Children’s Hospital in Little Rock for some tests to figure out what’s wrong with her.  She’s been sick since New Year’s, and was originally diagnosed with a UTI, but she’s not getting any better.  Gallbladder is a suspect right now, but whoever heard of gallbladder problems with a 3 year old?  Unfortunately, knowing Panda Bear and her lack of culinary skills (or more accurately, the refusal to learn or improve them), I personally suspect too much junk or preprocessed food and not enough water or healthy drinks.

Shortly followed by the news that June Bug is in the hospital awaiting surgery to what appears to be an ovarian cyst, but hoping it isn’t something worse.  Unfortunately if anything happens to her then grandson CJ will likely end up with baby-daddy and his bass-ackwards family by default, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to keep him too, if she’s laid up and unable to care for him for any length of time.

And here we are, with me earning piddly squat through temp work, with only one barely running vehicle for three people to use (myself, Yes Dear, PBJ), and no way to travel anywhere to help except maybe the other side of town.

This morning, I got up and discovered that my car had a flat.

Followed later by the discovery that the pipes in the laundry room froze up with the record cold we’re experiencing.

So, to keep from totally losing it, here’s my song for the day.  Sing along, if you will.

6 thoughts on “Turning into an FML day…

  1. Hey Dave, I am sorry to hear things are in the shitter for you right now and about poor granddaughter M. I really have to admire you sir. I cannot imagine what it must have taken to have the drive to write a blog post after all these things weighing so heavily on you. You are an Iron man Dave, an IRON MAN!!!!

  2. Fingers crossed that M ends up with some easy fix, that and CJ does not have the worst case scenario. Hang in there. You can only do what you can do.

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