You’ve been warned…

About mid-day Sunday I all of a sudden started feeling weak and achy all over.  That could mean only one thing.

So I medicated myself the best I could with Tylenol for the inevitable headache, endless glasses of water, and warm, bulky clothes and covers to try to burn it out of my system.  Strangely these were the only symptoms, I wondered if I would wake up next morning with plugged sinuses, or a cough, sore throat, etc.

Yesterday I found out where it decided to settle.  In my lower GI.

I seem to have kicked the fever and chills part for now, but what I now got isn’t so much diarrhea as it is vomiting out of my butt.  The kind of malady that strikes so quick and without warning, being more than steps away from the toilet invites disaster.  As it already has a few times.

I’m doing my own laundry today.

And no, the gummi bears had nothing to do with it.

Sorry to leave you with this not-so-pretty picture in your head.  Stay healthy, and have a better morning than I am.

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