For my daughter June Bug and grandson CJ who are at this very minute, as I’m typing, getting on a bus and coming out here to escape a verbally and emotionally abusive situation.

That they may travel in safety, that both manage the trip well, that June Bug find the resources that she needs out here to support herself and CJ, and that we are able to help her find these resources.

That June Bug finds the strength to face herself and her issues, that she finds a way to deal with her chronic lack of self-esteem that has contributed greatly to the many negative choices she’s made in her life.

That she finds a way to forgive herself for past mistakes that others have already forgiven her for, and understand that asking and receiving help is not an imposition on others, but a blessing for all parties involved.

That she finds the strength to overcome her pride and seek out the help she so desperately needs for her issues, with the goal of improving herself.

That she may understand her past habits and relationships, particularly the one she’s getting away from, cannot be allowed to continue, for CJ’s sake and hers.

That she may discover her self worth as an imperfect daughter of God, that she is loved even when she feels unlovable, and deserves better than what she has recently been experiencing.

That my tired old car be able to make the 90min trip to the city tomorrow to pick her up and return with no problems.

That the narcissistic controlling baby daddy that she’s leaving stay out of hers and our grandson’s life.  And if he tries to follow that he will either be stopped and incarcerated for his many probation violations, or that he will run off a bridge and into a tree and break his neck.

Okay, I probably should omit the very last part about praying for ill fortune to befall the ex-jerk.  But I do pray that our Heavenly Father, if it be His will for our daughter to be free, uses His divine influence to keep the ex as far away from her and us as possible.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Your prayers and/or happy thoughts are always welcome.

6 thoughts on “Prayers

  1. Praying and sending multitudes of positive thoughts! Thank God she’s getting herself and CJ away from him! Hope this move ushers in a new, happy chapter in their -and your- lives.

  2. I wish I knew how to convince her of the need to make the break complete. I’ve been there, as you know– but it does seem a little easier for men to leave abusive relationships than it is for women. Not much easier, but still—
    Count on him to put on the charm– it’s part of the cycle– and count on a time an a half of convincing your daughter to not fall for it. It’s hard— but if there ever is a change, it’s not likely to be instant.

  3. Thanks for the well wishes. Hopefully being four states and almost 800 miles away will be enough of a barrier. Unfortunately he does know where we are, so we stipulated to our daughter that if we’re going to help her for the time being there is to be no contact with him whatsoever while she’s staying with us. I realize that she’s an adult and can make her own choices, but we feel strongly that, at least initially, this one we have to make for her own good.

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