Brain Dump 4/30/2014 (The Singing Crickets Edition)

The blog muse has not been with me lately.

Some of it is due to the fact I have a full house and few opportunities for quiet private time where I can organize my thoughts into anything coherent.

A good bit of it is due to sheer, unemployment-induced laziness.

And a fair bit of it is that I’m just not big on blogging anymore, and it seems that way with a lot of people, particularly my regular readers.  I don’t have any real plans to fold up shop here right now, but for a while it’s going to be on a take-it-as-it-comes basis.  If I have something I really want to say that is able to make it onto my laptop I’ll blog about it.  Otherwise, I won’t force it or decorate up with empty fluff.

The interesting part is that I do have a few things kicking around in my head, just not quite to the point where it escapes onto the blog.  Yet.

Some of that indeed can be blamed on laziness.

But at the very least I’ll give a little primer on what is in my head right now, and other current happs in my life.  At least until the rest of the household leaves and sticks me with babysitting the kids for the evening.

–  June Bug and CJ are still with us, and will be for the indefinite future, at least until she saves up enough money to move out on her own (a while down the road).  She went on an ill-advised date with a coworker a few weeks ago and ended up with a $500 citation for being a passenger with an open container in a vehicle in a local park after hours.  She claims to have realized her mistake in dating too soon after leaving her prior relationship, but it’s disturbing how easily she goes back to old habits that led her down the path to all her previous problems. *sigh*  At least there’s been no contact recently with the baby daddy, hopefully he stays out of the picture for a good long while.

– Grandson CJ is absolutely adorable, but a handful at times.  Yes Dear & I have tamed him quite a bit when he is with us and June Bug is working, but he knows how to push all his momma’s buttons.  And as tempted as we are to step in we have to let her learn to parent, because what is she going to do out on her own with no backup?  One major exception – hitting your mother in my presence.  Big-time violation of one of Dave’s prime directives.  Did not end well for him at all, and he has since learned the error of his ways.  Not. Happening. In. My. House.  Dirpa (his name for me) ain’t kidding.

– Employment situation is still meh.  Interviews are hard to come by, and the few that I have gone on haven’t gone anywhere.  At least two of them the positions were put on hold after my interview.  Do have a contact working at a large and good-paying employer in town trying to get my name to the top of their list for an interview, so we’ll see.  Part-timing doing crappy temp work to supplement my unemployment, which’ll be mostly gone after a couple more months.  Both daughters here are working and paying rent so that helps.  But I really need to get out of the house.

– Car situation is making it really tricky to do anything.  One car that is wearing out fast (my Bonneville) and having to run people all over town sometimes makes it a zero-sum game for me to work, after you add in gas and wear-and-tear costs on the car.  Tranny for the Windstar will cost $1500, and we only have slightly over half that figure saved at this point.  Fair possibility that daughter PBJ will be getting her grandpa’s truck in the next couple months and that will help, but we’ll watch that bridge burn when we get to it.

– Eldest daughter Panda Bear getting married in July.  So far looks like they are working out okay and hopefully it’ll stay that way.  Fiance seems to do really well with grandkids, but I was pretty confident he would.  Nephew Mark was asking me what he should call me, since technically the new marital status would make him another grandchild, and I told him he could call me anything he wanted (within reason), or just call me what he always has.  He’s already calling Panda Bear Mom, which makes me uncomfortable in some ways, but given the family history is understandable, and not really my place to say anything.  (For recent readers who may be totally confused about the dynamics of the aforementioned relationship, read here for a little clarification).

– Getting a work crew together from church this Saturday to go help clean up the storm damage from Sunday’s tornado, which hit about 45mi E of here.  At one point in time we were sandwiched in between two tornado warnings, but both passed by without dropping anything.  Good thing, because our current domicile doesn’t have a lot in the way of safe rooms or hallways, and would never survive a direct hit from anything stronger than an EF1.

– Lots of news items I would like to comment on, but too many of them downright depressing, if not making me want to hurl my laptop across the room.  For starters, what is it with the recent rash of cowardly ship captains that leave their passengers to die while they jump (or fall) into lifeboats?  Another one that disturbs me (at the risk of offending a few readers) is the recent push to totally legalize marijuana everywhere.  Just to be clear, I have no issue with someone smoking a doobie in the privacy of their own home or backyard, or certainly not with someone partaking to ease the pain of chronic or terminal illness.  But I fear that we are about to open a Pandora’s box of unforeseen and negative consequences.  More on that in a future post, sometime.

About all for now.  Maybe I’ll post in more detail in the near future.  Then again, maybe I won’t.  We’ll see.

5 thoughts on “Brain Dump 4/30/2014 (The Singing Crickets Edition)

  1. Oh, so many things to worry about. Not knowing where or how to start makes it seem overwhelming. Sometimes you can choose one thing to focus on, work on it, then move on to the next one. But when so many people are involved that you care about…yeah. Just keep swimming…

  2. You too, eh? And here I thought I was in the middle of a “blog drought”.
    I can’t quite ring up a list comparable to yours because these days i don’t have the family issues. I am pushing an old van, as I write this the “Grey Lady” has 451,000 + miles on it and it needs a bit of work, and finances plus my work situation make buying a replacement van more than a little difficult right now. So, a few more band-aids on the “Grey Lady”, and with luck maybe I’ll get a couple hundred thousand more miles or a couple of years, whichever occurs first.

    I see other writers that have blogs, some have a good thing going apparently. WUWT churns out half a dozen posts at least a day, but he’s chosen climate change skepticism and that gives an abundance of material. I would guess his problem is choosing what to write about from a large selection, rather than trying to make it happen from imagination the way some of us do. Me, I’m struggling to put two thoughts together and wondering how guys who have daily columns in newspapers do it. John Kass has to write a column that makes you turn to Page #2 in the Chicago Tribune every day, and you wonder– even with city hall corruption feeding him material like crazy– how he manages it. Doe he run into a dry spell, and what does he do if/when that happens?

    Hmm… maybe I ought to ask him. Most of us hit the “blaaahhhs”, and getting through it can be a challenge.

  3. I don’t worry about updating the blog except when the spirit moves me. Every once in a great while, I have a whole bunch of things to share and then set them to auto-post so it looks like I have something to say.

    My fingers are always crossed for you on the job front!

    And the kids? Grand or otherwise, that’ll all work it’self out as it will, despite our concern. I’m adding the whole family to my prayers, Dave. My greatest wish is that everyone finds themselves in a good place, ridiculously happy, safe, and successfully adjusted to living in the real world.


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